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Will my employer accept a provider card from American Resuscitation Council?

Provider cards and credentials from American Resuscitation Council are accredited and accepted by the majority of employers. The courses we provide are accredited by Postgraduate Institute for Medicine and offer AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ which also includes ANCC, ADA, and ACPE credits.


Will my certification include American Heart Association (AHA) credentials?

No, our entire library of curriculum is written and formed by our organization, American Resuscitation Council. As the creators of this curriculum, the certification card you will receive is directly from and represented by our organization. Our curriculum mirrors the latest emergency cardiovascular care (ECC) guidelines as well as the standards published by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR).


When will I receive my provider card?

After successfully passing your exam, a digital copy of your provider card will be emailed to you. Your provider card will be valid the moment you complete your exam, and will remain valid for two (2) years. You will be able to download, file, and/or print this digital card as needed and best for you. American Resuscitation Council is proud to support Green CME by offering this digital provider card and processing employer verification online. These digital and online systems are highly efficient and allow us to offer the courses at a lower cost.


What happens if I fail an exam?

You will be required to receive a score of 80%, or higher, to pass your exam. The results of your exam will be calculated immediately, showing you if you passed or failed. If you fail 3 times, your course will be locked and you will need to repurchase.


Will I receive physical study materials?

No. All of our curriculum is 100% digital and online-based. Once you check out and set up your account you will have instant and 24/7 access to the course curriculum and the certification exam using any computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Will I be required to attend an in-person skills test and/or exam to complete my certification?

In-person testing is not required to complete any of our courses. Instead, you must demonstrate you have mastered the didactic material by passing the certification exam. It is recommended, before taking an ACLS or PALS course, you have a solid foundation of Basic Life Support (BLS), including hands-on training. If you choose to learn this material for the first time, you must use our curriculum only to supplement your existing educational program.


I can't log in to my account!

Common mistakes when learners are not able to login to their account include:

  • Using the wrong, or having forgotten, your password.
  • Entering an incorrect email address. The email address you use to log in must be the same email address used at the time of registration or our system will not recognize your account. If you use more than one email address to create online accounts, try using others as your "email" option on the login page.
  • A typo in the email address. Ensure the email address you are entering is the same address used at the time of registration by confirming the email address you are entering is typo-free.

If you remain unsuccessful after using the tips above, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.


Once registered for my course, what is the time available for completing the course and exam?

You have 90 days from date of registration to complete the course. Once you have registered for your course, you can choose to complete the curriculum and certification exam in the time best suited for you. Many learners complete their course in an afternoon, while some complete the material and exam over several months.


I have never been certified in the past. Can I still use American Resuscitation Council's learning platform?

Yes, we provide comprehensive didactic training and our Education Center has accredited content to complement your clinical training. Importantly, our distance education courses do not replace initial hands-on classroom education or clinical training. If you are seeking certification for the first time, you must use our curriculum to learn the didactic material and reinforce your existing hands-on training. Likewise, you should first have a solid foundation of Basic Life Support (BLS), including hands-on training before taking an ACLS or PALS course.


When will my American Resuscitation Council provider card expire?

Your certification will be valid for two (2) years from the day you pass the exam. This timeline is standard across BLS, ACLS, PALS, and NRP certifications.


What options are available if my current certification has expired?

Our courses are designed for experienced healthcare professionals seeking to recertify their expired or existing BLS, ACLS, PALS, or NRP certification.

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